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 Provider Education

The MN PMP staff is happy to provide multiple education sessions for healthcare providers in Minnesota.  This education was developed in an effort to provide healthcare providers a better understanding of the prescription monitoring program, the functionalities of your new PMP AWARxE system, new features available, and changing statute requirements. The education is broken into sessions with each session dedicated to a different topic. 

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Session 1: From the Beginning

2020 version (update coming soon)

Understanding the PMP in Minnesota - 48 mins 

Session one covers the MN Prescription Monitoring Program from its beginning to its current status.  Attendees will learn about legislative requirements that impact what is collected within the PMP database and how individuals within this state can and may access it.  Presented by Shannon Whitman, PMP Administrator.


Session 2: The NEW MN PMP AWARxE

2020 version (update coming soon)

Features and Utilization - 57 mins

(It is highly recommended to watch Session 1 prior to Session 2!) 

Session two covers the features within the new MN PMP AWARxE console. Each action available to account holders will be explained and demonstrated, along with tips to utilize the system at peak efficiency and maximum effectiveness. Presented by Shannon Whitman, PMP Administrator


Session 3: The MN PMP Prescriber Report

 A Self-Assessment Resource - 37 minutes

In Session three attendees learn about the new MN PMP Prescriber Report. Interpretation of results and intent of the report will be explained. This will be followed by a demonstrating of how to utilize features in the PMP that contribute to the report.


Session 4: The AWARxE NarxCare Report

2020 version (update coming soon)

Understanding and Utilizing Analytics in the MN PMP

A clinician to clinician discussion providing attendees with an understanding of the NarxCare report. Discussion will include the data science behind the creation of the risk scores and how they can be utilized to guide clinical decision making. Presented by Dr. Krista Whalen, Data Scientist, Bamboo Health


Participation Statements 

At the end of each calendar month, participation statements will be sent to participants via the email address provided at registration.

Healthcare professionals who participate in this learning activity may submit their statement of participation to their appropriate accrediting organizations or state boards for consideration of credit. The participant is responsible for determining whether this activity meets the requirements for acceptable continuing education.


This education is offered by the MN PMP as a service to health care providers serving patients in this state and participation is optional.  


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